Mommy Makeover Surgery


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons  revealed that 62% of mothers seek plastic surgery to get their pre-baby figures back. What is a “Mommy Makeover”? For those of you who have children of your own, you would know what the effects on your body after having children. Continue reading →

Rhinoplasty update


Hello everyone!

I’m back after my half year hiatus from writing on LLD. Sorry for not posting for awhile, I’ve gotten a lot of email from everyone and I appreciate all the time people spend writing to me. I’ve probably missed a few letters but I’m trying to be diligent in getting back to everyone. Continue reading →

Eyelid Surgery Recovery


A quick post for my mom’s eyelid surgery recovery. Some of you may remember my mom had ptosis (blepharoplasty) correction. She always had double eyelid, but with age, her upper lids began to droop. Continue reading →

Korean Plastic Surgery – Celebrities Before & After


I may be one of the many people interested in korean plastic surgery, especially celebrities before and after photos. There are so many beautiful celebrities and it’s always fascinating to know one of the many procedures they have done to accomplish their looks. Continue reading →

Brazilian Butt Lift


What exactly is a Brazilian Butt Lift? This butt lift procedure originated from Brazil and became widely popular in North America. I can still remember the earliest days with Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo sporting her bubble butt behind. After she came on the scene, the popularity of having a voluptuous bottom soared. Continue reading →

Random Thoughts: Cat Surgery, Mouth Corner Lift, Hair Transplant


If you ever decide to come to Korea for plastic surgery, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for some criticism, afterall, you are requesting their recommendation for a beauti-fuller you. Continue reading →